Battlefield 4 and the Latest Xbox Generation


Battlefield 4 is one of the most popular first person shooter games that also present a chronological storyline. It can be played online and off, and the latest generation of the Xbox One holds some promise for making play on the system better than before. A lot of the reasons why this new release of Battlefield 4 is doing so well on Xbox One has to do with Microsoft refocusing its attention on the platform and making some changes, as well as updates, that put the game style of Battlefield 4 right in step with the hardware upgrades that it offers.

How Do the Two Rate Together With Players?

While Battlefield 4 has always gotten high ratings, Xbox One hasn’t been doing that well with gamers. For starters, there has been a problem with the overall management of the gaming platform that can’t be blamed on anyone but Microsoft. The problem with Xbox One started with a sudden policy of mismanagement of the product development direction.

Microsoft started Xbox One with the idea to make a system designed by gamers and marketed toward gamers. Then they swerved into wanting to make it more into a home entertainment system that had its own original content television shows that it would stream. The shift in focus and money hurt Xbox one. Closing the Xbox Studio was a clear signal to gamers that Microsoft was taking action to reclaim right thinking when it came to promoting and creating for the Xbox One system. They also redid the insane pricing tier they had assigned to Xbox One that pushed many players and newbies over to the PS4 system. Battlefield 4 is available for both home entertainment systems, and now the question is whether there is any advantage to one over the other.

Is Battlefield 4 on PS4 Better?

During the past year there were a lot of people saying that the PS4 was the better deal, especially if Battlefield 4 was your game of choice. The real reason that so many people were preferring PS4 came down to the price. Microsoft finally caught on after a year of low sales and lowered the price of the latest Xbox One to match the market pricing for similar game systems, including the PS4. When you then place the two systems side by side for a comparison; without price being an issue – it is clear to see that Xbox One has a lot of features that PS4 doesn’t offer at all.

Advantages of the New Xbox One

With the latest generation of Xbox One, and the planned upgrades, there are some valid reasons to choose it over PS4 for Battlefield 4. Microsoft did away with supporting third party controllers and focused on getting the primary controller to work well with the enhanced hardware and graphics system. For a first person shooting game, this translates into better overall control and responsiveness within the system. You don’t have to worry about compatibility anymore because the new Xbox One puts the hardware on the same level of priority as the game and the end result is perfect.